Big Changes Are Coming

Over the next several months you may begin to ask yourself “What the heck is going on here!!?”
Well, If you’ve followed me for very long you know that leather aside, I’m driven by a passion for creativity. Lately I’ve been facing the realization that the way I’ve been working may not be right for me. By focusing solely on expanding my customer base and creating the work that they want, I’ve been limiting my own creativity. Let’s face it, there are a lot of ideas and passions stuck inside this head and it was only a matter of time before they began screaming to come out. In order for me to grow as an artist and bring the best I can be to the world, I need to start focusing more on personal growth and expanding my body of work.

So, what does this mean to all of my loyal fans out there? This means that I will no longer be frantically publicizing and pushing my work into more markets. I won’t be focusing solely on custom orders, but rather the fulfillment of my own ideas and visions. Don’t worry though, I’ll still stop and do custom leather pieces for people, I just won’t be focusing all of my efforts on gathering those requests.

That brings us to what you’ll be seeing around here and throughout my social media accounts. First thing’s first, I’m currently working on re-focusing the website from a purely marketing layout into more of an online portfolio of my work. This means a completely new layout and rewording of all of the content to fit the new purpose. In doing so, I’ll also be clearing out some of the pictures that I feel may be redundant examples of what I’ve done. So, if your piece happens to fall into this category, please don’t be offended as I’m still happy about every item I’ve ever created for people.

That should give everybody a good idea of what’s going on around here. I do welcome any thoughts you guys may have on anything here. After all, if it weren’t for your appreciation of my work, I wouldn’t continue to push myself forward to becoming a better me.


2 thoughts on “Big Changes Are Coming

  1. Rhue McDonough

    This is exciting news ! And I think you’re certainly on the right track beings you have talent others only dream of….plus all the hard work you’ve put into your art. I’m looking forward to seeing the new website and all your new works. But please remember, I’m still waiting for my dear husband to give me my very own Hellhound guitar strap.


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