Here are just a few testimonials I’ve rounded up from various clients. If you’ve purchased any of my work and you have something you’d like to add, please feel free to let me know.

Kevin:Wanted to let you know strap arrived yesterday and it looks just as good (no, better!) in person as it did in the pics! Also have to say how much I appreciate getting the “rough cut” one too – why did you start over?  Looks pretty good to me. I’ll wear the rough one for playing around the campfire!

(Note: I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the finish on the original piece I created for Kevin, so I started from scratch. In the end, I sent him the original as well after turning it into a “road worn” version since it was already personalized for him)

Rue: “Hello Good People….stopped in to tell you about Hellhound Leather….My husband Craig is having HKL make him a guitar strap…believe me when I say … would never trust anyone enough to do him a strap ..only Hellhound Kustoms Leather ! If you’re looking for the Best work , Best materials talk to Allan. He’ll treat you right !”

Laura: “My son Ryan’s strap is INCREDIBLE. He loves it, his friends love it, and I know it will be his only strap for years and years to come.”

Joshua: “The quality of the leather and workmanship is outstanding, and works perfectly for holding business cards. It is not too large where you feel like you have another wallet on you, and would strongly recommend this item to anyone. Overall a great product.”

Elio: “The strap Allen made for me was a very basic strap with just my name on it and not a big investment. For a relatively inexpensive strap, I  was really impressed at the amount of time he spent communicating with me and sending pictures during the process to make absolutely sure I would be happy with the colors, font,  etc. The man takes pride in his work and it shows. “

Carlos: “…I had Allen make me a strap, very simple custom art–The best money ever spent on an strap–I use it for everything I play, it is just getting nice and worn in now after a year giging with it. I always get compliments on it at every gig.”

Ron: “I have been playing a lot more guitar over the last couple of years and had not been happy with my guitar straps.  I heard about Allen from my colleagues and inquired about having a new strap made.  After getting my questions answered, I had him design the first of two straps.
I have learned that designing and fabricating a guitar strap is a real labor of love.  I found myself (my wife as well) becoming emotionally invested in designing this strap.  Allen was patient and provided full explanations to all questions as we e-mailed back and forth several times.
All my expectations were met.  The price was fair, and I am a happy camper.  Thanks Allen.  You’re the man! “

Steve: “Thank you so much for the wallet chain. I could not be happier. It is the nicest one that I have ever seen ! Great work ! “